Monday, July 9, 2012

Fielder Wins Second Career Home Run Derby

History was made as Prince Fielder won the 2012 MLB Home Run Derby at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City.

Detroit Tiger, First Baseman, Prince Fielder defeated Toronto Bluejays, Right Fielder, Jose Bautista in the final round of the 2012 Home Run Derby. Fielder hit 12 home runs while Bautista could only hit six home runs in the final round.

It was also only the second time that a player has won a home run derby more than once in their career. Ken Griffey Junior won the Home Run Derby three times in his career. He won in 1994, 1998, and 1999.

Fielder is the first player player that has ever won a Home Run Derby in the both the National League and the American League. The Detroit Tiger first baseman won the Home Run Derby in 2009 when he was playing for the Milwaukee Brewers in the National League.

Courtesy of ESPN
However, it looked liked Fielder was going to be eliminated after just one round. Fielder just inched into the second round with five home runs. Jose Bautista lead after the first round, with 11 home runs. St. Louis Cardinals, First Baseman, Carlos Beltran and Mark Trumbo both hit seven home runs to move onto the second round.

Carlos Gonzalez and Andrew McCutchen were just one home run shy of making it into the second round with four. Matt Kemp had a dismal night with only one home run but he didn't do as bad as Robinson Cano.

Cano did exactly what you weren't supposed to do, he couldn't even hit one home run. Last year, Cano won the Home Run Derby at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona. It was the 17th time that player did not hit a home run in the Home Run Derby. Brandon Inge failed to hit a home run in the 2009.

The second round proved to be dramatic. Fielder lit up Kauffman Stadium with 11 home runs in the second round. His 16 home run total put him into the final round. Bautista struggled, he only hit two home runs in the second round, giving him 13 home runs for his two round total. Trumbo came up and matched Bautista's 13 total home runs by hitting six second round home runs. Carlos Beltran was eliminated after he only hit five second round home runs to finish with 12 home runs.

That meant Trumbo and Bautista had some unfinished business to take care of. Only one could make the final. They had to do a swing-off, each player had five swings and whoever hit the most home runs moved on. Trumbo had a disastrous performance with only one home-run. Bautista hit two home runs in two swings as he won the swing-off easily.

This lead to the final round showdown between Fielder and Bautista. Fielder batted first and blew everybody away with 12 home runs. Bautista was unable to match Fielder's total as he was only able to hit seven home runs in the final round.

Fielder finished the Home Run Derby with 28 home runs total. Bautista hit 19 home runs total, if you don't count the swing-off.

This marks the first time since 2009, that the winner did not hit 30 total home runs. It's the fifth time in six years that an American League player won the home run derby. Ironically, Prince Fielder was the last National League player to win it. Ryan Howard was the last National League player not named Prince Fielder to win the Home Run Derby when he won it in 2006.

Check back tomorrow as I will be covering the 2012 MLB All Star Game for MKY Sports. Will the National League win for the third year in a row?

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