Monday, July 23, 2012

Complete Domination by the Cards

I figure why sugar coat what happened this past weekend in St. Louis.  The Cardinals completely dominated the Cubbies.  The Cubs managed to score 1 run on Friday and they were shut down the next two.  The Cardinals had come into the weekend losing 5 out of 6.  The Cubs came in winning 14 out of their last 19.
My did things change.

The Cardinals needed a sweep bad.  Falling farther behind the Reds and Pirates did not need to happen.   Unfortunately they both swept this past weekend as well so no ground was gained.  But one thing that should have been gained was a revitalized Cardinals team.  They absolutely destroyed the Cubs.  Giving up one run and shutting out the Cubs in consecutive games for the first time since 1989.  The Cardinals also decided to score twelve runs in the 7th inning during Saturdays game.  They tied a team record with those runs that had last been done in 1926.

They also tied a MLB record with 7 double in one inning, and added a triple too.  Eight extra base hits in one inning is unheard of.  And seven of those were consecutive hits.  All in all they had 10 hits total in the 7th and almost batted around twice in the inning.  Those 12 runs were the only time that either team scored the whole game.

This weekend should show the Cardinals just how good they can be.  This team is towards top of the NL in most of the major batting categories.  If the pitching can hold up this team has no excuse to not be in the playoffs.  Time will tell if this is a turning point for the Cardinals season.  I can only hope that it is.

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