Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Big 12 to Texas A&M and Mizzou: Good Luck

"I'm glad it's you, not me," Big 12 Football coaches are saying those exact words right now.

July 1, 2012, marked the day that the University of Missouri and Texas A&M University left the Big 12 and began their SEC journey. Mizzou and Texas A&M fans have been excited about this day for a long time. It officially means that they are playing football with the big boys.

The two schools will be playing in the nations best football conference. The SEC has produced every BCS Champion since 2006. Ironically, Texas in 2005 was the last champion to not be from the SEC. They are still playing in the Big 12.

Will Texas A&M and Mizzou be able to win to win with the champions? The Big 12 is a strong football conference but nothing like the SEC. 

Hopefully, Texas A&M is ready for some fun. You'll love playing Alabama, Auburn, LSU, and Arkansas every year. All four of those teams have won National Championships or have been in the Top 10 at least once since January of 2011. Oh, and you'll play Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina every now and then too.

Missouri will be matching up with SEC East teams like Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia. Tennessee used to be good and it's only a matter of time before they rise back to the top. Don't forget about the teams in the west. Teams like Alabama, Auburn, LSU, and Arkansas will ready to take you down every few years. This year you will get to face Alabama. 

The Big 12 may have had a fair amount of top 25 teams but what about the talent you will face in the SEC. No, it wasn't so great anymore. The SEC is now your Daddy, not the Big 12.

Don't even think about trying to say the Big 12 has just as much talent as the SEC.

If this doesn't scare Texas A&M or Mizzou fans, then you must not know anything about football. In order to win in the SEC, you must recruit the best football players. Top 20 recruiting classes will just get you to a bowl game. It's not easy to win seven let alone 10 games in the SEC.

Texas A&M already has gotten that message and has hit the ground running.The 12th Man will be sad, it's too late. The 2012 class was only the 5th best in the SEC. In the Big 12, A&M would have been smiling and grinning. Your 2012 class would have been third best in the Big 12. There's always next year.

Rivals ranks Texas A&M's 2013 recruiting class as second best in the country. It still isn't the best class in the SEC. Alabama has the second best in the country, putting them ahead of A&M. You can't settle for second best in the SEC. It takes perfection to win. In the Big 12, A&M would have been on top. The future may be bright, but Aggie fans better hope that they aren't saying "There's Always Next Year" year after year.

Oh, you think you can still win in the SEC, Missouri fans? Did you just read about Texas A&M? They're better than you, if they're going to struggle, then you will too. It will take a miracle from heaven to win in the SEC, Missouri. Not with the talent the Tigers are recruiting.  

Missouri fans should be scared. Very scared. Rivals rated their 2012 recruiting class at 31st best in the conference. In the SEC,  that won't get you anywhere. Just Kentucky fans. Only three schools in the SEC had a worse recruiting class than Mizzou in 2012. Mississippi State and Vanderbilt had a better class than the Tigers.  That's a death sentence.

Your 2013 class is not much better either. Only three teams currently have a worse 2013 class than Mizzou. Tiger fans, I hope you're ready to say, "Is it basketball season yet?" Don't worry, Kentucky fans say that too. So you're in good company. Oh, and you might want to get Kansas back on the schedule. That may give you a free win because you won't be winning very many games in the SEC.

It's not about how many Top 25 teams you faced last year, it's about the talent your conference had. The Big 12 didn't have as much talent as the SEC did. Right now, Missouri and Texas A&M just don't have the talent to win in the SEC. The future is bright for Texas A&M football.

Missouri, it's looks like you will joining Kentucky and saying, "Is it basketball season yet?" You just aren't going to win very many football games in the SEC until you get better players. Until then, enjoy the college basketball team you have.

I would be saying, "I'm glad it's you, not me," if I was a Big 12 Football Coach too.


  1. Probably the dumbest thing I've read to date, regarding the move to the SEC.

    Stay behind in your conference dominated by bevo and oklahoma. Just be happy you have a seat at the table. Don't worry about really trying to compete. Stay comfortable and bad. That isn't the way real men think. Real men want more than a participation ribbon at the end of the year and will bust their balls trying to get more. Against the best.

    No, you stay behind and tend the women and children. You stay comfortable. You will always be what you are. Afraid of competition but one that will point the finger and tell everyone else that steps into the ring, that they are losers. Yeah, you stay behind and do what you do best. Milk the cow.

    1. I'm actually a Kentucky fan. I'm not sure if you guys are ready to win in the SEC. Back in 2007, Kentucky went 7-5 when they probably could have won nine or ten games in the Big 12. They did beat LSU and almost beat Florida. You're now playing with the big boys.

      Welcome to the SEC buddy, you're going to need help. The talent is a lot better down here than in the Big 12.

    2. Agree with first poster. This article is dog shit.

      And if you think Kentucky was going to win 10 games in 2007, then you are stupider than this shit hole blog.

      "almost" beat Florida. Weeee!!!!

      The only difference is that the 2-3 worst teams in the Big 12 are worse than the 2-3 worst teams in the SEC in most years.

      A&M and Mizzou were/are going to beat 2-3 basement teams of either conference.

    3. Texas A&M may be able to win with their recruits. But, Mizzou doesn't recruit the quality players that is needed to win in the SEC. Sure, you may beat Kentucky year after year. But, that's only one conference win.

      Vandy and Tennessee are not free wins. Quite frankly, if you don't show up against Kentucky, then you may lose that one as well. This isn't the Big 12 anymore.

      And to be honest, UK, Vandy, and Tennessee would be in a bowl game every year if they were in any other conference. Just saying.

  2. Third poster is bringing in a lot of class. Anyway UK was 6 and and 1 ranked 8th in the country played Florida tough lost by 7. ran into miss st played terrible and lost. Lost a 4ot game to sec west champion UT. Only one of two teams to beat eventual champion lsu. So yea i'm any other conference they could have won 10 games

  3. Excuse me I meant sec east Champion UT

  4. Yeah yeah, we get it. We don't have a chance in the big bad SEC. Hasn't everyone heard that one for years? Lets see, just in the Pinklel era, Mizzou is like 5-1 against the SEC? I think that number is correct. Beat MS a couple times, SC, Took apart Arkansas in the cotton bowl. I think we will do just fine. No one is asking for your respect before we play and you find out. Just kind of tired of the constant disrespect and the chest thumping scare tactic.

    Remember how Tyson was going to kick Buster Douglass' ass? How Liston was going to put Clay down in 2? Same difference. The mouthy bullies are usually just that, all mouth.

    I can do the same with Kentucky. They suck. They always will suck. They are a basketball school and that's all they ever will be. Pushovers that can't recruit for crap. They will never be better, never. They are stuck in the mud forever.

  5. Wow...there are 30 teams in the SEC who recruited better than us?

    We're screwed

  6. Exactly, Anonymous at 1:27 p.m. And Mizzou is 20-8-1 vs, the SEC (not including A&M) all-time, 7-2 in bowls. Recruiting rankings are meaningless, as Mizzou has proven in he past five years, as well. In reality, I suspect this UK is more afraid of Missouri in basketball. The cakewalk UK has enjoyed in SEC basketball is about to get messy. :)

  7. hey as long as Norfolk State stays out of the SEC UK should be just fine

  8. Being a part of the SEC family for all of 3 days I am willing to accept the hyperbole that some SEC fans are fond of spewing. I can debate some of the finer aspects but ultimately the only way for the newbie schools to get respect is to win. It is true that the SEC is the best football conference in the country but the Big XII wasn't exactly chopped liver. In any event as a Missouri fan I am excited to be a part of such a competitive conference.

    What I will debate you on is your comparison between Texas A&M and Missouri. If Aggie (Aggy) has this bright future in the SEC while MU is relegated to suckage explain why A&M has lost five of the last six to Mizzou, including MU winning back to back games at Kyle these past two years due to a scheduling quirk? When is the last time A&M won ten games or finished in the top 5? 2010 and 2007 would be the answers for Missouri if the same question was posed by the way.

    The bottom line is that A&M has a huge fanbase and is in the massive state of Texas. Missouri is certainly a bit more unheralded, but by any objective measure Mizzou has been better than them in the Gary Pinkel era. Particularly the last 6-7 years. The image of A&M that SEC fans have does not really reconcile with reality. That being said they are a great school and will do very well in the SEC in several of the Olympic sports (track and field, baseball, women's basketball, golf, etc.)

  9. when was the last time A&M beat Mizzou. It's been awhile.

    1. 2006. Mizzou won in 2007, 2010, and 2011. And guess what? In the time before that A&M had had recruiting classes rated ahead of us virtually every year.

  10. Football games are not played and won according to recruiting rankings.

    Like Dick Vermeil said before the Rams '99 season: "We will rally around (this team) and we will play good football."

    Gary Pinkel teams always do.

  11. Meh.

    Last place I would go for insightful SEC football opinions is a hack amateur Kentucky blog.

    The one thing I have noticed is the big teams in the SEC fans have welcomed Mizzou. Its the teams like UK and Arkansas, MSU, South Carolina, that are in jeopardy of being pushed down if Mizzou is successful, are the ones spouting off a lot of this nonsense. Its insecurity. Mizzou has a top 15 recruiting class this year already and its not close to over.

  12. And yet here you are. Top football schools in the sec are welcoming because they're not intimated by a&m and mizzou. UK fans expect to lose every sec game this year.

  13. Yep. Im here because some nitwit from this blog mad a fake account just to post this drivel on a Mizzou forum.

    Sure I checked it out, and immediately dismissed it as lame, lazy, factless drivel motivated by fear of middling and bottom SEC programs afraid of new teams coming in and having success this making their own futility all the more embarrassing.

  14. Steve's right. UK will go winless in SEC play.

    Guess what, teams like LSU, Auburn, and Alabama are smacking their lips right now. Mizzou and A&M are easy wins if they play their best game. I'm sorry but I guarantee Coach Mack Brown at Texas is saying, "I'm glad it's you, not me." Sorry not sorry. The truth hurts.

    Either way, welcome to the SEC. I can't wait for basketball season because you will improve in basketball.Both schools will be a force.

  15. How about we play the games and see where the chips fall first?

    The only for sure loss I see on Mizzou's schedule this year is Bama. The rest are with out question winnable games.

    Its lazy and tired to keep regurgitating the same tired tropes about Mizzou getting their ass kicked "just because its the SEC, duh!" The folks saying this have no clue about Mizzou football or where the program is right now. It will be refreshing shutting some of these fools up as the season moves forward.

  16. Dang Conor good marketing lol. Anyways look mizzou and a&m will win games in the sec that's for sure. They'll be more successful than Uk, msu and probably vandy. But the point I assume Conor was trying to make its that a national championship run has now been made a lot easier for teams like Texas and mizzou and tam will will nvr win the sec.

    1. I think Texas A&M may get their chance. It's Missouri that I worry about. However, I do think Mizzou will become a regular powerhouse in basketball.

    2. See, I think out of both of them Missouri would have the best chance. Just looking at their schedule this year it seems like they could go 10-2

    3. Not so sure about that. I see them losing to Bama, Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina. Then, there's the possibility of getting upset by somebody else. You have to realize their recruiting classes have been in the upper 20's just like schools like Tennessee.

      A&M has the number two class coming in next year. They may struggle this year but down the road I expect them to compete. Going to disagree with you Steve.

  17. I think A&M and Mizzou will have their share of success in the SEC. However, what many outsiders don't realize is the physical toll SEC football games take.
    You may go out and beat Georgia and Auburn, but you get so beat up that the next week you come out tired and flat and lose to Ole Miss or Kentucky.
    I respect Big 12 football, but I don't think it can match the speed and physicality of the SEC, week in and week out. To me, that's what makes the SEC so tough.

    1. This comment is an educated one. I agree with you. However, I don't think Mizzou has the talent to win in the SEC right now. It's going to take time if it happens.

      However, I expect Mizzou to take over Florida as the number two basketball team in the conference. Mizzou will forget about their Norfolk State loss soon enough.

  18. Worst article ever!

  19. So let me test your logic, by looking at last year Mizzou was out recruited by Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M and Kansas. We only recruited better than Baylor, Kansas State, and Iowa State. So We should have lost to Texas (MU 17 TX 5) We should have lost to Texas Tech (MU31 TT27), should have lost to Texas A&M (MU38 aTm31), and we should have lost to KU (MU24 KU10). And on the flip side MU should have beaten Baylor (MU39 BU42)and we should have beaten K-State (MU17 KSU24).

    Your argument is crap, you can not base a season on recruiting any football fan knows this. To further this in my favor, Auburn and Georgia both had better recruiting classes last year then Nat Champ Alabama. Best class of 2011 was Florida State, so surely they must have been in the championship game, right?


  20. I just don't buy this argument that success on the gridiron is entirely predicated by what Rivals or Scout tells us in February. It is true that you have to have talent but these recruiting services are frequently wrong.

    Case in point, I can think of three Mizzou defensive guys that have gone in the first round of the NFL draft the last 4 years. Ziggy Hood, Sean Weatherspoon, and Aldon Smith. Surely these guys were 5 stars or at worst 4 star rivals guys right? Wrong. Ziggy and Sean were two star kids from Texas and Smith was a three star.

    Talent development is a huge part of it and that may be the best thing that Gary Pinkel does. Contrast that with say Clemson who gets what seems like a top 5-10 class each and every year and then manages 8-5/7-6 in the atrocious ACC. I'll give them props as ACC champs this last year but they were beyond awful in that bowl game. The bottom line remains that there is more to this game than simply wooing kids in February.

  21. Chase Daniel ain't walkin' through that door