Tuesday, July 10, 2012

5 Games 5 Stories: Murray State @ Memphis

Photo from the Examiner.com
Everybody, I'm sure, has their stories of where they were when the Racers beat Memphis, lost to TSU or won the OVC Tournament thanks to a base line runner by Jewaun Long. I feel as if I have some interesting stories to tell from this season and since I am part of this wonderful blog I will share them with those who read it. My top 5 will be seen once a week on Tuesdays for the next 5 weeks.

5. Sunday, December 11th @Memphis:

I caught a drumstick at the concert
and even though I wasn't in
Memphis it turned out to be
a great night.
I remember seeing this game on the schedule for the first time and being ecstatic. I knew it would be a winnable game against a Top 25 team and it was close by so I would be able to go. A group of us got together and planned a trip to Memphis. Then the girlfriend got Lady Antebellum tickets for a concert that was the same exact day but I was going to this game. So I watched as much of the game as I could before it was time to leave for the concert. I was on the phone with my roommate who was giving me the play by play. My phone was doing something awful and the calls kept breaking up. So in between phone calls I was huddled in with a group of people next to the stage watching the live stats. My roommate called me to say that Donte had hit another three and the lead was 10. He said something that made my nerves relax and lead me to believe it was okay to celebrate. "Up 10 two minutes, its over. We got this." Then the turnovers happened one after the other making everyone in the CFSB Center hold their breathe. Then after a failed call from my roommate, I received a text message, "Murray State 76 Memphis 72." Then something amazing happened without an announcement being made thousands of people at the CFSB who had been following along with the game on their phones began to cheer. The Undefeated season was still alive and we had just defeated the hardest opponent on our schedule and surely we would enter the Top 25 on Monday.

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