Monday, June 11, 2012

Who will get the ring?

          For the second year in a row now Lebron has helped lead the Heat to the NBA finals.  This year he is according to Wade, "The leader of this team." As shocked as I am that Wade has handed over the reigns to his team, Lebron is the better player and it seems the Heat have only gotten better since they came to this decision.

But this finals isn't all about the Heat, the Thunder are an excellent team.  They are playing their best basketball all year at just the right time.  After turning the ball over way too much during the regular season they suddenly aren't during the playoffs.  In fact, no one has turned it over less in the playoffs.

So now we have the Big 3 of the Heat versus the Big 3 of the Thunder. Because of the Heat's experience you would have to give them an edge, but that edge is pretty narrow.  Looking at the lineups the big difference looks like it will come down to how the big men from each team play.  The Heat need Bosh to come back strong and not just on offense.  With Perkins, Ibaka, and Collison down low it will be a tough test for the Heat.  If those 3 can play big down low it is going to be a tough series for the Heat to win.  For the Heat to have a chance they're going to need a couple players to step up each game other than the big 3 to hit some shots.  

Lebron will have to outshine Durant who has excelled in this playoffs, especially in crunch time.  It seems like it doesn't phase him one bit and no one has been better.  Then you have the matchup of Wade and Westbrook.  Wade is clearer the better player overall right now but that doesn't mean Westbrook can't hold his own.  If he can average 23 and 7 this series without taking more shots than Durant, the Thunder will most likely when this series.  And lets not forget about James Harden, the 6th man of the year.  He takes over the game for the Thunder when Durant and Westbrook aren't on the court.  The Heat don't have this luxury, no one can come off their bench and take over a game like Harden can.  He will be a huge factor in the Thunder's ability to win this series.

My take from all of this is that it's going to be a long series.  I think it goes at least 6 games.  Wade and James will keep the Heat in most games and make it one hell of a series.  But in the end I think the Heat go home ringless for the second year in the row.  The Thunder are young, athletic, and hungry.  I think they end up being too much inside for the Heat and win it in 6 at home.


  1. I personally see the Thunder taking this in 6. They are just playing extremely well right now and I don't trust that the Heat will continue playing at the level they are now. Regardless it will be a great series that will be fun to watch.

  2. If Lebron continues with this "will to win" attitude that he has shown in Games 6 and 7 the Heat will win this series by at least two games.