Monday, June 25, 2012

Who Wants to Be A Racer? Class of 2013 Recruiting Recap

4-Star Recruit Rashawn Powell
Steve Prohm signed a lot of his 2012 class early so we didn't get to see the effect last season had on recruiting so for the 2013 class could have the possibility of being the best class Murray State has ever had. Topping the list would be, when put nicely, two Hail Mary's for Coach Prohm. With Rashawn Powell and Robert Hubbs both ranked in ESPN's Top 100. 

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Rashawn Powell: "Pookie" is a 6 ft 170 pound point guard from Orlando. This four star recruit has offers from big schools like Memphis, Miami, Kansas St, Mississippi St. and others. Currently ranked as the 78th best recruit in his class, I would say Murray State has a slim chance of seeing Powell on campus but if he does come...WOW! 

Robert Hubbs: (Spoiler Alert: This Video contains a nasty dunk.) The other ESPN Top 100 that Coach Prohm has offered is shooting guard Robert Hubbs. is from right down the road in Newbern, Tennessee. Hubbs has offers from a plethora of SEC schools and also has an offer from Duke. I understand that striking out on both of these guys is quite likely to happen but if Prohm could land just one of them it could be a huge in taking this program to the next level. Again, though, don't get your hopes too high.

RJ Currington: Last week we did an article about RJ Currington who would be another great addition to the Racers for obvious reasons, especially his ability to shoot. 

Terrance O'Donohue: Another player that excites me is the 6'7" 205 pound Terrance O'Donohue. Terrance also has an offer from Charlotte and a few other mid majors. 

Antravious Simmons: He might be another long shot but he is worth the shot at 6'9" 220 pounds, Antravious would be an excellent addition to our front court. 

Garrett Covington: The dude may only be a 2-Star but has the interest of Tom Crean over at Indiana with his ability to knock down the three point shot. At 6-5 this shooting guard has the height to shoot over defenders.

Aubry Overby: Averaged only 6.7 points a game his junior year for his high school in Georgia. Listed at 6'8'' this forward could be Murray's if they really want him. 

Aaron Scott: The more I see this video the more, the more I think he can be a strong contributor for Murray State. An excellent shooting guard from Columbia, South Carolina, Scott has decent ball handling schools but is primarily known for his shooting. He has offers from a ton of mid majors but I'd say that if Murray really wanted his talents that he'd be on campus come fall.

Donte Clark: Clark's stock has been rising lately which is not the news you want to hear if your a mid major. Prohm has offered the 6'4" shooting guard who is ranked 95th by rivals.

Tyrek Coger: Out of Raleigh, North Carolina, Tyrek Coger is a guy that Murray State could land. At six foot seven, this power forward would be a nice steal from the SEC schools who are offering him.

Tosin Mehinti: Another player interested in Murray State is this tall and lanky center. Weighing in at 210 pounds, Mehinti stands 6'10"

Deshaun Mormon: It's a realistic chance that Murray State could land Deshaun but the three-star shooting guard has offers from other big schools such as Villanova and UNLV. If it comes down to playing time, Deshaun could be in a Racer uniform next year.

John Paul: If this dude signs with the Racers he'd be one of the tallest players to play in the OVC. At 6'11" and 220 pounds, Paul could be a dominant player in this conference.

Ade Aruna: The 6'6" power forward has many schools to choose from including defending national champs, Kentucky. Ade is also a football player being looked at by smaller football schools. So why not come here and play both?

Everyone knows that College coaches are made on their ability to recruit. It doesn't matter how great of an "X's and O's" coach you are. If you are not bringing in the talent, you won't get to the next level. These are not all of the players Coach Prohm has an eye on, which just shows you how busy of a man this guy must be.

Keep in mind it is very early and for anyone who is new to the recruiting process, things change very often. The incoming Freshmen in 2013 may not be any of these guys. We will do our best here at MKYSports to bring you the very latest information on the recruiting trail.

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