Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday's Weekly Wrap-Up Presented By Just Add Water Marine Inc.

 The weeks weird, interesting and most talked about 
sports stories presented in satirical form.

 5. Jim Rome completely ignored David Stern's question last week. In case you missed it, David Stern asked Rome a fair question that people have the right to know. He asked "Are you still beating your wife?" Rome brushed off the question saying "Now, I don't think that's fair." Of course it is, Rome. If you are still beating your wife, maybe someone ought to do something about it and that's what I believe Stern was trying to do. Bravo Mr. Stern! Most  people, like Janet Rome for example, have a hard time standing up to Jim and the fearless NBA commish went at him head-on.

4. I dont know if TCU is in a recruiting battle for players or not, but they sure did try to one up the "Murray State Anthem." with this video.

3. Lebron James caught a case of the clutch. Thanks to our very own Mike O'Neill, the clutch gene has been discovered and Lebron James has come in contact with it; leading the Heat to a 2 game lead in the series with big time baskets and free throws down the stretch. Only one more Heat victory and my guess becomes reality. (Heat in 5)

2. AJ Pierzynski was rated most hated player in baseball; making him the least liked White Sox catcher since Jack Parkman was traded to them from the Indians in the movie Major League II.

1. In America we have baseball, football, basketball, ice hockey, NASCAR...okay you get it, we have a lot of sports we care about. In England they don't. So when they're not busy watching 20 guys kick around a soccer ball for 90 minutes only to see no one score and be satisfied with's what they do. It's called Gloucester cheese rolling and I'm guessing it's the English version of doing something cool.                

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