Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tricky Bill

Earlier today football's dark prince got a little bit of revenge on the team he lost to in the Super Bowl. Bill Belichick and the Patriots swiped tight end Jake Ballard off the waiver wire. Ballard was released from the Giants with the intention of reworking his contract after he cleared waivers.
To be clear, there is no rule forbidding the Patriots actions, it's simply frowned upon by other teams. It is the sports equivalent of taking the odd beer on a pitcher your buddy bought.

The Giants will not make any public outcry condemning the mischievous actions of their foe, but that is because they have class. Had someone done this to Rex Ryan he would have been quick to raise hell.
The question must be posed, were the Patriots wrong to grab Ballard or was it simply good sports business? As an Eagles fan I am all for anything that hurts the Giants. Removing that bias, I still call it good business. Here is your cliche for the day folks: sports are competitive. If the Patriots think Ballard will make them a stronger team, there is no reason for them not to pick him up. I bet Peyton Manning would have cleared waivers had the Colts wanted to rework his contract, well maybe not.

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