Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Titans Talk with Sweet Lee: Offensive Focus

Keith: "Do the Titans have a miracle left in them in what has been a magical season to this point? If they do, they need it now. Christie kicks it high and short. Gonna be fielded by Lorenzo Neal at the 25; he dishes it back to Wycheck; he throws it across the field to Dyson..."

Ryan: "He's got somethin'..."

Keith: "30, 40..."

Ryan: "He's got somethin'..."

Keith: "50, 40.."

Ryan: "He's got it! He's got it!"

Keith (voice volume increasing): "30, 20.."

Ryan: "He's got it!"

Keith: "10, 5, endzone...touchdown, Titans! There are no flags on the field! It's a miracle! Tennessee has pulled a miracle! A miracle for the Titans!"

What better way to start off my "Titans Talk with Sweet Lee" than with the greatest play in Tennessee Titans history, and one of the top plays in NFL history. For those of you that do not know me, my name is Lee Hargis. I live in Dover, Tennessee, and graduated from Murray State University in May of 2011.

I have attended all but two games since the Titans have moved to Nashville and would consider myself a true die-hard fan. Regardless if they are 12-4 or 4-12, I stand by my team... (I can't stand fair-weather fans!!!)

Not only do I plan on bringing you information on the Titans, but I also will try and inform you with some of the most recent Murray State Racer news that I can. Basketball & football are my key focus points in these blogs.

Now lets get down to's time to TALK TITANS!!

Last season, after a 3-1 preseason record, the Titans finished the regular season at 9-7 just missing the playoffs. This was under a new regime with Mike Munchak in his first season running the show and new coaches across the board. And think about this, 4 of the 7 losses were by a touchdown or less and another loss was to the Colts...yes, we lost to the Colts by more than a TD without Manning under the helm...smh. The big losses by the Steelers & Texans can be more reasonable considering all the massive changes in the organization.

So what went wrong last year offensively?

-Many people point to the guy who held out waiting for the big pay day aka Chris Johnson, but I don't believe he was the main problem. He just seems like the easy guy to blame due to the holdout. Yes, CJ2k looked a little slower than the years past, but did you see our offensive line?? When CJ ran for his 2000 yards he had an All-Pro center in Kevin Mawae providing leadership for a very talented offensive line. Who was in the middle this year?? Eugene Amano & Leroy Harris, and unless you are a die hard Titans fan, you probably have never heard of them. Johnson was getting hit in the backfield usually before he even got within a yard of the line of scrimmage. And because the interior line was so bad, teams played their safeties and linebackers more on the outside shutting off CJ from any type of hole. I believe that frustration set in with CJ which made him look like the main reason for blame.

What has been done during the offseason to fix CJ's struggles?

-A full offseason workout within the teams organization should help get chemistry down with the offensive line. Not to mention, the Titans have signed All-Pro Guard Steve Hutchinson from the Minnesota Vikings (Fantasy owners- beware of Adrian Peterson's decline in value...similar situation as CJ losing Mawae). The Titans still need to find another veteran center/guard or hope that Harris or Amano can actually produce in the upcoming season.

-Offensive weapons everywhere...Before Kenny Britt went down hurt, he was on his way to pure stardom as Hasselbeck's go to guy. Now he should be back to 100% by week one of the regular season to go with Nate Washington, Damian Williams, Lavelle Hawkins, & 2012 1st round draft choice Kendall Wright. Regardless of who is at QB, the passing game will be option number 1 for the Titans this season, which will help open up the running game for CJ. It looks as if Hasselbeck opens the season at the starting position, but look for CJ to have more success if Locker takes over mid season.

A Look Back in Titans History: The Music City Miracle
January 8, 2000 (the day after my birthday)

I was there when this top play in NFL history happened. With 16 seconds left and a rare chance at making a comeback win, my dad asked us if we were ready to leave so we could beat the crowd. I was in 5th grade and my brother was in 2nd at the time. Kevin told my dad that we aren't leaving until the lock hits 0:00 because we might run the kick back for a touchdown. Low and behold, it actually happened and fortunately we were not some of the many fans that walked out before the play occurred because that is a day in Titans history I will never forget! Watching the replay gives me chills to this day and remembering how the fan reaction was when the referee called it touchdown after the review is just surreal. If you were there, you know the feeling I am talking about.

Well folks, that is it for today's edition of "Titans Talk with Sweet Lee" time we will focus on what went wrong for the Titans last year defensively and what has been done to improve that side of the ball.


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  5. Titans making the play offs this year?

  6. Yes, no doubt about it. There will be a strong chance of finishing at top of the division...more will be coming soon on Titans Talk so keep checking in