Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Things That Irritate Me - Twitter & Sports

This time of year, for me anyways, is like a dead period in sports. Some people love to follow baseball, golf, soccer, the Olympics, or whatever else, but my two loves include football and basketball. What stinks for me is both of them are now in the offseason, which leaves me writing about situations that are two or three months away. By the time football season gets here, players could have been traded, released, signed, retired, or benched....meaning a lot of future football reports I write could very well become irrelevant before the season even starts. Therefore, I am left with posting random topics on the Titans or NBA Finals (which is now over). Today I decided to spice things up a bit....

I'm sure we all know what Twitter is, but if you do not, Twitter is defined as the name of a social networking service and web site that limits the length of messages one can post to a certain number of characters. 

In recent years, it has become more popular than Facebook in many aspects. And there are plenty of solid reasons for that, mainly being that Twitter allows fan interaction with famous actors and athletes. That is where is separates itself from the likes of Facebook and MySpace (if people even use MySpace anymore). 

My main use for Twitter is to have access to up to date sports information about my favorite teams (Tennessee Titans, Murray State Racers, Tennessee Volunteers), as well as fantasy football updates and interacting with friends who often do not use Facebook. If you are one of the lucky people that follow me (@SweetLee32), then you probably know that I tweet and retweet a lot of sports information. This tends to irritate a lot of my followers because they say that my sports tweets fill up their timeline. What I say to them is to read my twitter bio which states, "I'm a die hard fan & follower of the Tennessee Titans, Murray State Racers, & Tennessee Volunteers. I tweet & retweet a lot of sports stuff...GET OVER IT!!!"

But today I'm going to let you know a couple things that irritate me on Twitter.

This first one might not bother too many of you that much, but it does me...information received too fast. Now you might be asking yourself, "when would that ever be a bad thing??"

While watching any type of live event. For me this includes the NFL & NBA drafts, and any type of big game. In today's media, everyone wants to be the first person to report the big news, whether it's who a certain team drafted or who made a game winning score. 

This last NFL draft, I sat at my computer with my draft magazine and watched every single selection (sounds nerdy to a lot of you, but I live for this kind of stuff). I knew who I wanted my Titans to select and knew who should be available when it came our time to pick. As the 20th selection approached, I decided to log on my twitter account to see the opinions of others on who the Titans should select.....I personally was hoping for David DeCastro, but that's another topic. Then all of a sudden an NFL insider tweeted that the Titans selected Kendall Wright, the wide receiver out of Baylor. I'm sitting here thinking there is no way because they weren't even on the clock yet to make their selection. Yet it was true. Not only was I irritated that the Titans neglected to grab the best interior offensive lineman in the draft (#1 need in my opinion), but I was also irritated that I found out a good eight minutes before it was ever announced on ESPN. To me, it ruins the whole suspense on what is going to happen in the draft. I seriously unfollowed five sports writers that weekend due to them ruining my built up anticipation.

This also happens in the closing seconds of a neck to neck game. Due to the whole Janet Jackson incident, a live television broadcast is delayed even longer than what it used to be. And some digital and satellite connections are delayed even more. Therefore, when LeBron James makes a game winning shot during a game I'm watching on on ESPN, I see a tweet about it on twitter before I ever see it actually take place. Like I stated before, this may not be a problem to a lot of you but it irritates me when the anticipation of some big event is taken away. 

Another thing that really annoys me, even more than the advanced information, has got to be fake accounts. Now I'm not talking about funny parody accounts intended for humor, I'm talking about the numerous accounts that try to pose as someone else to make the twitter world believe that something is actually true. This is actually where my inspiration came from to write on the topic. 

NBA analyst Chris Broussard of ESPN
About 45 minutes ago, someone by the account name @Chris_Brousard tweeted this: 

"The Celtics have traded Rajon Rondo, the #21 and #22 picks to the Kings, in exchange for Tyrke Evans and the #5 pick, per league source."

The twitter world went Tim Tebow on us with the Celtics star point guard, Rajon Rondo, trending nation wide in just a few short minutes. For those of you that have heard of the NBA analyst, his name is Chris Broussard and has the twitter account name @Chris_Broussard. Notice the slight difference? The fake name has only one "S". 

This isn't the only time it has happened though. @AdarnSchefter gets looked at as @AdamSchefter for NFL coverage. And honestly, I accidentally followed him once when trying to follow the real reporter. These fake accounts use the same profile pictures and try to make their names look just like the real person. For someone trying to gain publicity for a huge media prank, these accounts are pure genius....but for fans like me, they are just simply irritating. And the sad part is that so many fans get too emotional about a certain player or team that they don't even look to see if it is a real account. Then comes the constant tweeting and retweeting. 

In a matter of five minutes, there were thousands among thousands that tweeted about Boston trading Rondo to the Kings for Evans. At first, I believed it too. That's right @Chris_Brousard, you fooled me. But these people that try to pose as others for their self enjoyments just irritate me. 

What can be done to fix these two irritations of mine? Basically nothing. You can't stop someone from tweeting information "too fast" and you can't keep someone from tweeting what they want to tweet posing as another. We just have to pay more attention to what we are actually reading and not jump to conclusions until we see a true source release the details. 

Twitter is like Wikipedia, you can't trust everything you read. What are some things about the sports world on Twitter that irritate you?

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