Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Racer Football Talk with Conor: Quarterbacks

Every Wednesday night until football season, I am going to break down the Racers position by position. Tonight we will talk about the quarterback position.

Senior, Casey Brockman, Redshirt Junior, Spencer Phillips, Sophomore, Parks Frazier, and Junior, Anthony Hayes are the Racers four quarterbacks.

Most fans know by now that Casey Brockman is our starting quarterback. Let’s take a look at how he has done in the past and what he can improve upon for this upcoming season. Brockman is a senior hometown boy who played for Calloway County High School where he owns numerous records for the Lakers.

Brockman has made some noise during his time on Murray State’s campus. Take a look at some of the awards he has gotten since arriving on campus. 

2011 Payton Award Preseason Watch List
2011 Top 10 FCS Quarterbacks - The Sports Network
2011 Preseason OVC Offensive Player of the Year
2011 Preseason All-OVC Quarterback
2010 Second-Team All-Commonwealth
2010 Second-Team All-OVC


Brockman has improved his passing each year with the exception of yards attempt last season. Brockman definitely has a chance to be not just the top quarterback in the OVC but in the NCAA FCS. I think Brockman can throw for at least 3,000 yards maybe even 4,000 yards this season.

Flaws are hard to find in Brockman when it comes to throwing the ball. He threw an interception every 53 throws last season. Since Coach Hatcher likes to throw the football so much, Brockman throws an interception a game. If he were on another team he would only throw an interception once every two games.  

You also have to watch out for trick plays when it comes to Brockman. Brockman does have speed and can run and he has also caught some balls. With his versatility, defenses really have to watch and see what Brockman is going to do with the football. If you sit back and play it safe, you may have a long day and Brockman will shred your defense apart.

Now let’s take a look at the Racers depth at quarterback. There is none. None of our three backup quarterbacks have ever taken a snap in college. That worries me a little bit. God forbid that Brockman gets injured but if he does, we’re in trouble, big trouble. The college game is a lot different than high school. It will be a long season if we lose Brockman.

Overall, I would say the Racers are in great shape at the quarterback position as long as Brockman stays healthy. The only thing that worries me is that we have nobody to turn to if Brockman gets injured. So let’s hope Brockman stays healthy and leads the Racers to the playoffs.

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