Wednesday, June 13, 2012

NCAA: Spend your Money Wisely

That’s the million dollar question; do you spend money fairlyor unfairly? The SEC just released a list of how much each university spends onfootball and basketball. The answer is clear. We now know why some schools arechampions in one sport but bad in the other, compete but never get to the top,or they’re just bad.  Based on the list, spendingunevenly wins championships, spending fairly means competitive but nochampionships, and being cheap means you don’t get to win.

It all comes down to what your school loves.

In the Deep South, people live and die off college football.In Alabama and Louisiana, weddings just aren’t scheduled on a Saturday during collegefootball season. Football is just more important than a wedding. Therefore, LSU,University of Alabama, and Auburn University spend their money on football. Guesswho won the last two NCAA Championships? Auburn and Alabama did. Alabama had tobeat LSU in the championship game to win it all.

In Kentucky, basketball is life or death. Nobody in Kentuckyschedules a wedding on a Saturday during the winter months. Basketball is just more important than a wedding. Therefore, the University of Kentucky spendstheir money on basketball. Guess who has gone to two Final Fours in a row andwon a National Championship this year. You got it, Kentucky did.

Then you have Tennessee, Florida, South Carolina, Vanderbilt,Georgia, and Arkansas. Let’s spend a little money on both sports and compete inboth. They’re both important. Great, you compete and do decent in both sports butyou never get to celebrate a National Championship.  

Of course, there’s always Mississippi, the poorest state inAmerica. No wonder you can’t win in basketball or football, you don’t have themoney. At least the athletic department doesn’t spend it if they do have any.If you don’t spend the money you get to lose.

Some people will ask why not split up the money. Wouldn’t itbe nice to win in everything, or at least have a chance to win in every sport?

I like NationalChampionships. If you tell me that UK has a chance to win the SEC title infootball if they spend the money more evenly, you’re telling me that JesusChrist will be on my doorstep tomorrow morning.Go tell Auburn to spend more money on basketball. They’llask you what basketball is. The only basketball relevant thing to go throughAuburn was Charles Barkley.

I want to win National Titles, even if it means my school isterrible at the other sport. If I’m the Athletic Director, let’s be UK,Alabama, Auburn, or LSU. 

Based on the spending’s, you can tell who’s going to win, beaverage, or flat out suck. Pick your poison. Spend money fairly, compete, butnever win a championship. Spend money unfairly, be bad in one sport but winchampionships in the other. Or, don’t spend money period and be the laughingstockof both sports.

Football Spending inMillions  
1. Alabama $31.11
2. Auburn $27.91
3. Florida $24.45
4. South Carolina$22.795
5.  LSU$22.74
6. Arkansas $22.00
7. Georgia $18.30
8. Tennessee $17.35
9. Vanderbilt $14.15
10. Kentucky $13.90
11. Miss. State 52$9.95
12. Ole Miss $9.51

Basketball Spending in Millions 
1. Kentucky $8.62
2. Florida $8.11
3. Vanderbilt $7.00
4. Arkansas$6.664
5. Georgia $6.29
6. Tennessee$5.46
7. South Carolina $5.14
8. Alabama $4.99
9. LSU $4.77
10. Auburn $4.52
11. Miss. State $3.72
12. Ole Miss $2.50


  1. Joakim Noah and Tim Tebow might disagree with your lumping of Florida into the "competes but doesn't win" category...

  2. That's true. Donavin and Meyer put together two hell of a teams. But, most of the time, you got to spend money in one or the other. Few schools have the resources like Florida does. Texas and Ohio State may be the only other schools that would ever be able to pull this off.