Thursday, June 14, 2012

NBA: The Miami Heat have a lot of Work to Do

The Miami Heat lost 105-94 to the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game One of the NBA Finals. If the Miami Heat don't shape up, they'll join the Buffalo Bills and the Texas Rangers as teams that lost two championship series in a row.

First comes first, the Heat need to learn how to play defense. The Thunder shot 51 percent from the floor. That's pathetic defense if you ask me. The Thunder will go home as champs if they can shoot over 50 percent in each game. Even worse, the Thunder shot 58 percent from inside. If the Heat continue to give out free baskets, it's over. Truer words have never been spoken than this, "Defense wins Championships." The Heat might want to learn these words.

Rebound, the Heat need to learn how to block out. The Thunder grabbed 43 rebounds while the Heat only grabbed 35 rebounds. The Heat got outrebounded by eight. You've to rebound if you want to win. The Heat will be swept if they can't rebound. Five of those eight rebounds may have been the difference maker. That can translate into 10 points if the Thunder converted five of those eight rebounds into points. Didn't the Heat lose by 11? If the Heat want to be lazy, they can go ahead and hand the trophy over to the Thunder.

But, the biggest thing may have been the fastbreak points. The Thunder scored 24 fastbreak points but the Heat got a measly four fastbreak points. You're asking for trouble if the Heat continue to allow the Thunder to score in transition.

Points in the paint. Every year, we learn that the big man plays a pivotal role in basketball. Last night, the Thunder scored 56 points in the paint. The Heat scored 24 points in the paint. If you're going to win a championship, you've to defend the paint and score in the paint. The Heat did neither.

Miami, basketball is not just about offense. You have to give 100 percent on both sides of the floor. If the Heat continue to slack off on defense, they'll go home crying. Oklahoma City will celebrate with joy.

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