Wednesday, June 13, 2012

NBA Draft - Kentucky's top 5

As the 2012 NBA Finals are full steam ahead, there is a batch of young talent ready to take their talents to the NBA for the 2012-2013 season. The draft this year is loaded with young talent that brings a new bit of "swag" to the game's highest level.

The University of Kentucky is a breeding ground for raw young talent to succeed and advance to the league. Coach John Calipari has coached some of the top rated players over the past 3 seasons at Kentucky, and this year is no different. He has 6 players from this year’s National Title run locked in to the draft, with potentially 5 first-round draft picks.

Anthony Davis is the consensus first overall pick, and will probably be drafted by the lottery winner, the New Orleans Hornets. His ability to change the game on the defensive end will help drive the Hornets back to a potential playoff contender. With a wingspan of 7'6", and averaging an outstanding 4.8 blocks per game, dynamic versatility at both ends of the floor makes for boundless potential for this kid.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist has something that NBA scouts can't quite put their finger on. He's...good. He is what some would consider a "jack of all trades, master at none!" While at the University of Kentucky, MKG played with the intangibles that aren't taught to players. He has the heart of a champion and plays with energy that is unsurpassed. Look for this kid to be making a difference soon after arriving at his new home...anywhere besides Charlotte. *fingers crossed*

Just let the kid flex, he's having fun. Terrance Jones had one of the best turn arounds to a season that I have seen in quite some time. After recovering from a finger injury, Terrance struggled to regain his poise and leadership on the floor. This kid has the potential to contribute to a team almost immediately, but maturity and footwork are going to have to be greatly improved before he sees any substantial amount of minutes.

3 goggles – Doron Lamb is an assassin-like scorer and will drop 25 on a team before they realize that he is on the floor. Lamb averaged over 50% from the floor and an outstanding 52% from behind the arch. Any team that is looking for a true shooter that is able to open up a shot off the dribble or drain one from long, Doron Lamb is an easy 1st round pick.

Since arriving at Kentucky, Marquis Teague received a ton of criticism for his play and the way that he handled the offense. Early in the season, Teague was averaging more turnovers than assists, but look at the line-up that he had to follow. Overall #1 draft pick 2 years ago, John Wall and last year’s #8 draft pick Brandon Knight. Once Teague found his rhythm, he was running the top offense in the nation. Assist to TO ratio evened out, and this kid found “swag.” Anyone who doubts Teague's ability to make it in the league, remember…he attended Point Guard U under President John Calipari.

While some might not like the one-and-done rule, it is the way the game is now. With so many former players now playing in the league, what team do you think will become the Commonwealth's Team?

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  1. I think you could even make a case for Darius being a first rounder as well