Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Miami Dolphins Sign WR Chad Ochocinco to 1 Year Deal

This crazy off-season for the Miami Dolphins has gotten even crazier. After they traded Brandon Marshall in March to the Bears, many had questions about how the Dolphins would replace him. Most of us expected a big pickup in the Wide Receiver department in the draft, however the Dolphins walked away with a 6th and 7th rounder. That hole has now been filled as it's being reported that the Miami Dolphins have signed receiver Chad Ochocinco on a 1 year deal.

This move is interesting to me for a couple reasons. The first being when the Dolphins got rid of Marshall it was said to be because they didn't need a star receiver in this new offense Joe Philbin is putting together. It has also been reported multiple times that they were happy with the receivers they had. If a team makes that kind of statement the last thing you expect is the addition of a diva receiver.

That brings me to my next concern. Chad Ochocinco, as many know, is a diva receiver and loves his name in the spotlight. For a rookie coach like Philbin, is it really good to bring a receiver like that into the locker room he's trying to build. I do not see Ochocinco being as big of a locker room threat as Marshall, but I do have my reservations on adding a diva receiver to the team.
My final concern on this deal is the Dolphins are switching to the west coast offense under coach Philbin. This type of offense requires accuracy and crisp precise route running, something Ochocinco is not known for. He is known for improvising and making something happen, and this could throw off plays. Maybe Philbin can turn him into a route runner but that's not what he does best and could have been the reason the Patriots released him.
The deal has been made, however, so I am anxious to see how it all works out for the Miami Dolphins. Maybe Ochocinco will be great for the Dolphins and will be the star wideout he once was. Unfortunately that's just another maybe on the growing list the Dolphins have for this coming season. One thing is for sure though, Hard Knocks will have a big name for this year's show.

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