Thursday, June 21, 2012

#L1B4 (Louisville First Billboards Forever)

Disclaimer: I grew up in the city of Louisville and interacted with Louisville Cardinal fans everyday, which is why I am not one. I understand that people who read this and people who write for MKYSports are Louisville fans and I do not wish to upset anyone. In our computer room at my house is a diploma from the University of Louisville that my father earned. I have friends who attend the University. However, my opinions of UofL and their fans are what they are and quite honestly I do not care for those flat-bill wearing, "L" raising  idiots. I now live over 100 miles from them and stories like the one you are about to read, bring all the hatred back and I feel as if I have no control over what I am about to say. Hopefully, my boss will allow this to stay on here. If he doesn't, this will be very a nice venting session.

When traveling westbound on I-64 from Lexington to Louisville, one may notice a billboard. I notice it every time I take this route even though I can barely stand to look at it. The sign contains the Louisville Cardinal logo and, in reference to logistics and their self-proclaimed excellence, reads "We're Miles Ahead." Even though I don't care for it, I must tip my hat to their creativity. Now a group of Louisville fans are trying to create a new billboard. This one is not to be placed on a highway near Lexington. No, they are attempting to get this one placed in the heart of "Cat Country."

The slogan they are trying to promote is-with pun intended-"Lexington is for the Birds." How cute right? After a billboard company shut them down, the creators are now calling around different billboard companies in Lexington and refusing to give up on their dream of pissing off another fan base. That has to be their only motive because, contrary to popular belief, Lexington has been lacking fans of DA Ville for quite some time.

Many Louisville fans are upset about the billboards around the Louisville area promoting the UK football team. Well, there are an abundance of Kentucky fans living in Louisville. Louisville is the city of Louisville's team, Kentucky is the state's team. Cardinal fans seem to forget that from time to time. So it is nice to remind them that, outside of Jefferson County, NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR CARDINALS.

Lets take our small town of Murray to further prove this point. At every place that sells sports merchandise there are tons of Murray State t-shirts, hats etc. However, there is also a large amount of UK gear. You know a school that isn't strongly represented, as a matter of fact, not at all? Well, lets just say in my 2 1/2 years here I have yet to see one Louisville flat bill on a retailer's shelf and it isn't because they're sold out.

I know Louisville fans would like to assume they carry as strong of a fan base as Kentucky but understand why UK is nicknamed the Commonwealth's University. I love Murray State and I know we have a large alumni base all over the state, country and (because of our international program) the world. Yet, our fan base, although growing, isn't anywhere close to touching UK, we're more like you Louisville fans without the belief that we're something that we're not.

So if it will make them feel more relevant, if it will make them feel better about losing to their arch-rivals in the Final Four, if it will heal the Cawdnal fans who were born after April 7th of '86 and have never seen their basketball team win a National Championship, then I would say, 'let them have their billboard'. But as for now that doesn't appear to be in the cards.


  1. HAHA Murray's fanbase isn't anywhere close to UL either. Other than that good stuff.

  2. As kind of a Louisville fan I don't understand the need to have an ad in Lex. But yeah MSU fanbase isn't close even though it is growing. One day maybe.

    But what's UK fans obsession with the whole flat bill hat thing? I see UK flat bills all the time. UK fans are NO better than UL fans.

  3. There's a flatbill available for any team in any league of any sport. What's the big deal?

  4. Not a big deal its just Louisville fans have become notorious for wearing their flatbills with their Old English "L" It's become quite the joke amongst UK fans.

    Here's the problem:

  5. You forgot to mention Linebeards

  6. Billboard is up, not in Lexington but it is up