Thursday, June 28, 2012

Heat Loading Up for Repeat?

Coming off of their 2012 NBA Finals Championship, the Miami Heat organization is looking ahead to next season. While they are expecting to find a gem with the 27th overall pick in tonight's NBA Draft, they are more focused on finding veteran talent.

There have been many free agents reported to have interest in taking major pay cuts in order to play with King James and his court, and have the opportunity of winning an NBA championship. The most mentioned player being Celtics shooting guard Ray Allen.

I stated in a previous article how I expected him to sign with the Heat as soon as he became a free agent, and it should be happening here in the near future. Allen would provide another offensive weapon for a team that already includes Mike Miller (for now), Shane Battier, and Mario Chalmers as three point threats. The difference is his quick release. Allen has one of the quickest releases in the league, and to pair that with LeBron and Wade on the perimeter could provide for a deadly trio.

Other names showing interest include former NBA MVP Steve Nash, Jamal Crawford, Lamar Odom, and Andre Miller to name a few. But who wouldn't be attracted to a team coming off of a championship, with a core of star talent, and an attractive location in South Beach?

Nash would be an intriguing acquisition considering the emergence of Chalmers in the postseason and the upcoming of rookie Norris Cole.  But it would give Nash that last chance to get a ring, and give Miami even another perimeter three-point threat.

What Miami really needs is help in the paint. There doesn't look to be any solid veteran centers really showing mutual interest with Miami, so I expect them to go after one in tonight's draft. Fab Melo of Syracuse, Festus Ezeli of Vanderbilt, and Andrew Nicholson of St. Bonaventure are all on their radar.

If the Heat can grab a solid big man in the draft, sign Ray Allen, and possibly even a Steve Nash to go along with the "Big Three", expect another NBA championship in 2013. That would then put LeBron three away from Kobe, four away from Jordan, five away from his promise, and ten away from proving his haters wrong.


  1. "and ten away from proving his haters wrong" lol

    What I will say though is if they load up more talent wouldn't people just say that Lebron was part of an all star team and he doesn't deserve all the credit? JW

  2. Thats a good point, but regardless who is on any team with LeBron (due to "The Decision") that wins a ring, LeBron will receive some sort of criticism. If he won with a the current Heat team minus Wade & Bosh, he would still receive criticism. So I honestly don't think it really matters. If I'm the Heat, I would try and go after anyone that I could afford.

  3. bosh and wade were injured he basically did win without them

  4. Im going to have to agree ^

    Bron carried them a lot of times through the gut of the PO's.

  5. i'm happy if they get andrew greg oden he's a monster in the paint..