Saturday, June 30, 2012

ESPN, Who Is Izaya Kanon?

After every game last year, minus Tennessee State at home, I waited until the next day to go to and watch the video highlights of the game. One thing I'll just never understand is the one consistent error the ESPN anchors made throughout the season. "Murray State's I-zay-ya Ka-NON hit's another three..." Now if Murray was a D-II school, errors like this wouldn't bother me. However, we were a top 25 school playing in Division One and CANAAN, which is pronounced the same way as "canon," was our best player.

This continued all the way through February but not without Murray State fans giving ESPN some hints. For instance, a sign that actually appeared on their highlights that read, "Fire the Canaan!" Yet, they still began the highlights with the line "The 16th ranked Murray State Racers lead by point guard Isaiah KaNON..." You're kidding me. How little research did they do before going on air?

The coverage from ESPN was great last year and it is said that the exposure would be worth as much as 10 million dollars to the school. When Murray State became the lead story on ESPN's Sportscenter, it was hard for me to believe all of this was real. This was my school and people across the country were talking about them. However, as soon as that one female anchor's voice started on ESPNNEWS and I knew I was about to get angry. I expect ESPN to continue to follow this team next year and if "Ka-non" is said once, I say we flood this lady's inbox with e-mails.

On a side note, Stuart Scott is Stuart Scott for a reason and he doesn't disappoint.


  1. I wanted to throw up every time I heard it. Poor journalism.

  2. haha, i said that everyday after hearing them say it on the highlights...maybe they will get it right this year since he is gonna be one of the faces of college basketball