Tuesday, June 26, 2012

College Football Talk with Conor

I love college football. The excitement, the upsets, you never know what's going to happen. It's June and I'm excited for college football season already.

Every Sunday I am going to write a column about college football. This column will be called College Football Sunday with Conor. I will talk about what happened in the college football world that past weekend.

But, it's summer, we don't have a weekend worth of games to talk about right now.  Instead, I will talk about a major college football story or anything that relates to college football. Lets get down to business because we have big news to talk about today.

Today, the NCAA was happy to announce that we have found a solution to fix the Bowl Championship Series. The NCAA has announced that they are going to have a four team playoff to determine who wins the NCAA Championship.

The four teams will be selected by a selection committee, like the NCAA basketball tournament field is set. The men’s tournament has 68 teams and 37 at-large bids.The football committee will have to cut the field down to four. The committee will  look at win-loss record, strength of schedule, head-to-head results, and whether a team is a conference champion.

The playoffs will start in 2014 and last for 12 years.
A committee of university presidents on Tuesday approved the plan for a four-team playoff put forward by commissioners of the major football conferences. Virginia Tech's President, Charles W. Steger said, ‘‘It goes just the right amount." I laughed. These college presidents believe they are credible to talk about college football. No, they aren't. If they really think this is going to work, they may need a reality check. All they need to do is take a look back in time.

You may be saying that the NCAA finally has a football playoff but instead I believe we're creating more controversy than there already is. I took a look back in time to see who had the four best records each year.

There were five teams this past year that all had one loss or was undefeated. Oh my, we already have controversy because one of these five teams is going to be left out.

It's the same old story year after year. We will have controversy year after year.

In 2010 we had nine teams that were undefeated or had one loss. Who are you going to pick? That's nine teams to pick for four spots. They've made the situation worse. What if one of those teams get blown out in the playoffs? You're going to have somebody whining about how so and so should have been in the playoffs.

What about 2009? Sorry, we had six teams that finished undefeated or had one loss. Five of them were undefeated. With the new system somebody that was undefeated is going to have hurt feelings. Maybe the college presidents are laughing and saying sorry not sorry to the teams that get left out in the future.

Maybe the system works in 2008? Nope, wrong again. Nine teams were undefeated or had one loss. Two of them were undefeated. Utah and Boise State. Neither of them made the title that year. Makes perfect sense right? Under the new system one of them would still miss the new four team playoff. Controversy will live on.

In fact, the four team playoff doesn't work in 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, or 2002. It's a disaster, we still have controversy. More controversy than we have now. Somebody's going to have hurt feelings year after year, just like we do in college basketball.

What I would have done is look and see how many teams deserve to be in a playoff. I believe there is going to be controversy no matter what. But, we can minimize it. Based on what I have seen in the past ten years, an eight team playoff seems fair. That's just one more week. The playoffs are now three weeks rather than a two week playoffs that can be played during the first, second, and third week of January.

We may finally have a darn playoff now. It only took years to get it together. I don't think it's works. I think it makes thing worse.

Okay, maybe I should shut-up before they take away my playoff that I asked for a long time ago. Maybe I should just be happy. I don't care, I'm not happy with it and I think the NCAA should trash this playoff. Whoever came up with this idea can go sit in timeout. Okay, I'll really shut-up now.


  1. Why can't they just Imitate what the fcs does?

  2. That's a great point. Why can't they?

    I believe that is because of the bowls that they currently have. That would piss off bowl organizers and stuff like that. Plus, they have their own separate contracts with these bowls. It's a complicated situation.

    I wish they would just not renew their contracts with these bowl games and when all the contracts expire, we go to a system similar to the FCS.

    But I'm not sure.

  3. I think the all the bowl games is the only reason we didnt see some sort of playoff sooner. And that's most likely why we only see a 4 team playoff instead of anything more. They are trying to make the best scenario for both parties...A playoff for 2 extra teams to have a title chance, and allows for the bowls to bring in their money with high profile teams from specific conferences.

    But I'm with you Conor, let the bowl contracts expire and have a playoff. You can rengotiate bowl contracts for teams that dont make an 8 team playoff or make it where those bowls instead sponsor certain playoff games so they can make the same kind of profit, but then it wouldnt be certain conferences per bowl

    1. Sponsoring the playoff games is exactly what I was saying. Maybe each game and each round could be a bowl game. Final four could be the rose bowl and the fiesta bowl

    2. Steve they have tried. The Bowls refuse to allow that to happen. In all honesty the best thing to do would be to sever ties with all the bowl games period.

  4. And I don't know if the NCAA would ever do that that's too much advertising money to part ways with