Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Austin Peay's Justin Blake Makes Mockery of NCAA Slogan.

The NCAA released an ad last season that read "Still Think We're a Bunch of Dumb Jocks?" A student-athlete in Clarksville, Tennessee has defecated all over it. Austin Peay will now be without one of their three seniors heading into the 2012 basketball season as senior guard, Austin Blake, has been ruled ineligible because of academic reasons. His failures to get his learn on match his subsiding efforts on the basketball court as his numbers have consistently dropped in his three years as a Governor. Blake averaged 5.8 points his freshman season, 5.1 his sophomore year and 3.3 last year.

So let us see here. You're getting a free ride to a university to play basketball but you're not working on bettering yourself on the court and you're not going to class? Nice choices, Blake.

Murray State will always remember Justin Blake for his 5 straight three pointers that he hit against the Racers back in 2011 to help with a 66-64 upset win. Little did Justin know, those 5 three pointers added up to be 15 points, making him the leading scorer in the game. This will probably be the only memory we will have from Blake, so let us all thank him for ruining January 8th, 2011 for us.


  1. Second paragraph. Your should be "you're" in all three instances. Sharpen up, champ! :P

    1. I will say this I need to stop writing when I first wake up, there's a at least three mistakes every time lol.

  2. Hey, it's all good, man. Glad he's not playing next year. LOL.

  3. One of the few times on a sports blog that you can use "Peay" and "defecated" in the same story and it be perfectly acceptable