Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Aska Continues to Make Racer Nation Proud

Ivan Aska and the US Virgin Islands may have lost a second straight game today. Somehow Aska continues to make Racer Nation proud. Jamaica defeated the US Virgin Islands 80 to 64 in the 2012 CentrobasketTournament.

But, Aska continues to fight hard for his team. He scored 11 points and grabbed three rebounds in his second game with the US Virgin Islands. Aska has proven himself to be a leader. He was second in points on his team for a second straight day. He may not have had his best day shooting the ball as he shot 5/14 from the field. But, his team is relying on him if he’s getting the chance to shoot 14 times.

Only three guys played more minutes than Aska. Aska did run into foul trouble as he picked up five personal fouls and that may have cut down his playing time. International basketball is played like the NBA. Players are given six fouls before fouling out.

The Virgin Islands struggled as a team today as they only shot 30% from the field. The loss put them at 0-2 in pool play. Aska and the Virgin Islands will try to pick up their first win tomorrow when they take on Costa Rica at 1 p.m. Costa Rica lost 91-61 to Jamaica yesterday. Costa Rica was off today.   

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