Monday, June 11, 2012

The New Celtics

As the Heat move on to the NBA Finals the Celtics are left with many questions.  Who comes back, and who doesn't? The big three have now become the old three. Rajon Rondo had a playoff to remember, but that did not stop Ainge from trying to trade him last off season.  The Celtics looking glass is quite a blur.
The thing to take away from this season is the Rajon Rondo is now the the star of the Celtics.  It is time to build around Rondo and his talents.  The problem is, Rondo's greatest talent is his passing.  If the Celtics want to compete, they will need another scorer.  They will need a center who can clear the lane and a spot up shooter.

Dwight Howard is a pipe dream for the center position, and Gasol couldn't even post up on Mugsy Bogues right now. Center is a major question, so for now, Garnett should fill the hole, if Tim Duncan can still do it, surely Garnett can too.  The spot up shooter roll could even be filled by Ray Allen, but he will need to take a pay cut and a big one.
Sadly, the Celtics biggest need is to replace Paul Pierce.  Every great team has a pure scorer, and Paul Pierce use to be one of the best.  However, the soon to be thirty-five year old only averaged nineteen points last year, and that just won't cut it anymore.  Paul Pierce has lost his ability to take over a game.

The Celtics need a new big three.  Rajon Rondo is a good starting point, but they need two more stars to fill out the triangle.  The old big three can stay around, I would love to see the three of them retire in Boston, but their roles will have to change.  It is time for the Rajon Rondo era to begin in bean town.

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  1. The center position is down all around the NBA. The way the game is played centers play more like power-fowards. Teams load up on guards rather than looking for someone to contribute to the half court is really unfortunate.